HIHI im retrace! retraceyoursteps for long [she/her]. [TヮT]

im a professional robot as well as a vtuber under EN-V arcade. [≧▽≦]/

i like organizing things including the backend of EN-V. ┐[ ̄д ̄]┌ 

im a bit of a workaholic but hey thats life. <[_ _]>

the titles i have arent exactly descriptive of everything i do here but calling me anything else would be wildly inaccurate. σ[ ̄、 ̄〃]

im always happy to help so dont be afraid to ask! [ ̄^ ̄]ゞ

especially if what you need help on is something i did... [-_-;]

anyway im happy to meet you and do my best to make your experience as fun, comfertrable, and smooth EN-V arcade experience! [๑˃ᴗ˂]ﻭ